Army Day

→ עברו לעמוד "יום צבא" בשפה העברית

In Your Nature – Outdoor Quality Productions:

Expert in binding between values, nature and logistics

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The army day is the highlight of a tour that youth Jewish groups do in Israel.
In that day they learn about the people, the land and the army of Israel not through theory, but through their feet and sweat.
Your Nature brings that experience to a top level thanks to mature, quality and ideological instructors, the army day happens all over the nature of Israel or in a suitable facilities.


 – Understanding the uniqueness of the Jewish people through the Israeli army.

 – Responsibility development and will power

The way:

 – Attractive and challenging activity for youth in a military style.

Values activity:

 – The Instructors are educators and see their work as a mission.

 – Moral discussions, army stories, an exiting ceremony.

 – The discipline. The distance, the army, are just means.

 – No fooling around, only educational methods used.


 – Program build for client demand

 – Suitable for trainees nature

 – Adjustable according to weather


 – The instructors are ex fighters in the IDF, most of them officers in reserve

 – Plenty of experience and always improving methods.

Army days in nature:

Nature bonding // Extra field contents // Detachment from environmental disturbances // Also possible indoor facilities

Quality equipment:

Kitbags, stretchers, face colors, etc., look a like IDF uniforms and originals ODT stations.

Army day programs:

   3 hours

 –  Short army day – 8 hours

 – Full army day include sleeping (24 hours)

 – 3-5 days